Avaya Aura overview

Avaya Aura® is a flagship communications solution that uses an IP and SIP-based architecture to unify media, modes, networks, devices, applications, and real-time, actionable presence across a common infrastructure. This architecture provides on-demand access to advanced collaboration services and applications that improve employee efficiency. Avaya Aura® is available under Core or Power Suite Licenses. Each suite provides a customized set of capabilities designed to meet the needs of different kinds of users. Customers might mix Core and Power licenses on a single system based on their needs.

The following are some of the capabilities that Avaya Aura® solution provides:

  • Support for up to 28 instances of Session Manager and 300,000 users and 1 million devices

  • Support for up to 18,000 simultaneously registered H.323 endpoints out of 41,000 endpoints per single Communication Manager server and SIP endpoints in an enterprise

  • Advanced Session Management Capabilities

  • Converged voice and video call admission control

  • SIP features, including E911, which reports the desk location of the caller

  • Avaya Communication Server 1000 SIP networking and feature transparency

  • Session Manager SIP routing adaptations

  • A central management application, System Manager, for all Avaya Aura® applications and Avaya Communication Server 1000, with single authentication