Avaya Oceana Solution overview

Avaya Oceana® Solution is the next-generation customer engagement solution. Enterprises can use Avaya Oceana® Solution to seamlessly handle Voice, Web and Mobile Chat, Web Voice/Video, Email, Simple Messaging, and Social Media channels using a single intelligent attribute-based call routing through a unified Agent Desktop. Avaya Oceana® Solution is built on Avaya Breeze® platform using modular snap-ins that can be independently scaled, managed, and extended.

You can merge existing resources into routing strategies of Avaya Oceana® Solution to significantly improve customer service and sales outcomes.

With these routing strategies, you can:

  • Obtain customer information from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of the enterprises and other third-party systems.

  • Combine the information with the current journey context of the customer.

  • Apply business goals-oriented strategies to match the customer to the best available resource.

The routing strategies also integrate with the back office systems of enterprises to route work items such as claims and contracts.

Avaya Oceana® Solution provides:

  • Functionality to map customer journey across various self-service and assisted service channels by storing the related data crumbs in the in-memory data grid. These data crumbs are used by resources and routing workflows.

  • An easy-to-use HTML5-based Desktop for agents and supervisors.

  • Reporting and analytics designed to provide new and powerful insights for blended agent contact centers.

You can deploy Avaya Oceana® Solution in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. For more information about AWS deployments, see Deploying Avaya Oceana® Solution on Amazon Web Services.